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  • Air Intake
    Air Intake kits are designed to give an increase in air flow as well as reducing air turbulence in the engine, allowing your vehicle to achieve maximum BHP and acceleration. Each of our performance air intake kits have been engineered to have OE fitment and mounting positions for easy installations and to not require any other modifications such as drilling or cutting. This way, you can always reinstall the original factory filter and air box, if you ever decide to. All of our performance air intake kits are certified with the latest TUV emission and noise regulations. By purchasing a performance air intake kit from iTec Tuning we guarantee a measured increase in BHP and Torque, allowing your vehicle excel with day to day driving as well as excelling on a track. Think Power, think iTec.
  • Clutch
    Itec has an great range of German engineered, performance clutch and flywheel upgrades in order to ensure maximum power can be achieved as well as providing a smooth link between the engine and transmission. All clutch and flywheel upgrade kits you buy from iTec are OEM quality and are available in either sintered or organic form, thus ensuring your vehicle is able to gain the maximum performance required by your engine. The sintered upgrades are designed specifically for motorsport and track use by trading comfort for maximum power, allowing you to excel on a track and leave your competition in the dust. German quality and precision engineering make our performance clutch and flyweels the best of the best.
  • Engine Tuning Boxes
    What is a tuning box? Our engine tuning boxes enhance the performance of your turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines by up to 25% BHP and 25% torque. With this power boost, you also get the added bonus of a reduction in fuel consumption by up to 15%Why should I fit a tuning box? There are a whole host of reasons, maybe you want more power, maybe you own a fleet of vehicles where a 10% reduction in fuel costs is an extremely lucrative proposition. Maybe your vehicle is currently un-mappable or is still under warranty. Whatever the reason, we have a solution for you.Why are your tuning boxes so expensive? There is a tuning box….. and then there is a tuning box. Cheaper units are no more then resistors in a plastic box which fool a car to throw more fuel into the engine for negligible gains. All of our units are contain chipsets and processors and are FULLY digital. They can be programmed and altered on the fly while driving your vehicle to get the optimum performance levels.Can your tuning boxes damage my car? In the short, no. All of our tuning boxes are vehicle and engine specific and are designed to work within the vehicle manufacturers tolerance levels. However if the boxes are re-programmed by a novice, faults may occur. Our range of tuning boxes here at iTec bypass signals to the ECU. Giving a more tuned and refined performance.
  • Intercoolers