Computerised 4-Wheel Alignment

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4-wheel alignments improve precision and accuracy of a vehicle's caster, camber and toe angles. Having an un-aligned car can cause a car to pull left or right, crab or cause uneven tyre wear. We use the latest technology in specialist 4 wheel alignment made by Hofmann. Computerised alignment enables us to provide you with super accurate results thanks to the benefit of a built-in vehicle database, live readings & super accurate camera system. The ecoline 88 utilises some luxury additional features such as 3-point ‘GrabClamps’, heavy duty mechanical turnplates and advanced measuring heads.

The ‘GrabClamps’ mean that the measuring head is mounted to the wheel using sprung-loaded ‘arms’ that grab the tyre, and 3 nylon locators on the rim, ensuring there is no metal to metal contact.

Benefits of 4 wheel alignment: Reason No1... Improved safety. Followed by improved handling, tire life, fuel economy and performance.

Why choose iTec Tuning: We use the latest computerised wheel alignment equipment for optimum accuracy. Our pre alignment checks will ensure the car is in perfect condition to alignm if there are any issues our expert staff will discuss these with you in advance before carrying out works.

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