Hella Gutmann Diagnostics And DPF Regeneration

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Itec Tuning offers a professional DPF clean service needed for modern exhaust type systems, using state of the art diagnostic tool needed to complete the operation. Time and care is provided by our specially trained mechanics, to ensure the best possible DPF clean is offered through cleaning and repair.

Using the latest Hella Gutmann equipment, we can provide you with the latest high end computer diagnostics for a huge range of the latest high end cars.

Extensive Diagnostic Services we proivide:

  • Fault finding and diagnosis. Including common problems such as engine management, ABS, airbag and traction lights. Full repair service also available.

  • Repairs requiring Pass Thru technology. All of our equipment is pass thru ready.

  • DPF force regeneration. Sometimes vehicles fitted with a DPF for some reason or another will not automatically regenerate. This will lead to a blocked DPF and huge expenses. In some cases, we are able to force the vehicle to run the DPF regeneration procedure automatically which can lead to savings of hundreds/thousands of pounds. Contact us for more information.

  • Brake pad change for vehicle's with electronic calipers. These types of brake pads cannot be changed in the traditional sense. Our equipment is fully capable to release, reset and lock most forms of electronic brake calipers. Especially for vehicles from the VAG group.

  • Actuator tests, codings, basic settings, service resets.

We specialise in the following vehicles: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche, Seat, Skoda and VW

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