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Whether your after a subtle upgrade or full race prep. We can help. Turbo engines are typically built quite lazy and safe with plenty of room for improvement. Whatever your requirements, we should have an option for your vehicle. Our tuning upgrades provide the obvious improvement in power but the subtle changes are sometimes almost as important. Engine operation can be much smoother and increases in throttle response can also be implemented.

We use the best possible tools for the recalibration of your vehicle's engine control unit, providing progressive engine maps giving power and added efficiency for tailor made engine performances. Distributors for leading brands of engine tuning plug in boxes, our mechanics are able to install these tuning boxes quickly and professionally from our London base.

Services we provide:

Diesel Tuning: Remapping or Tuning Box Solution - Up To 40% More Power & Torque - 3 Yr Warranty

Petrol Turbo Tuning: Turbo Petrol Tuning An ECU Remap for a petrol turbo engine typically produces 25% more power and 30% more torque

Custom Remaps: We believe that if we are not the best, your car should be tuned by those who are. Your car will be sent to our professional ECU remapping specialists. who will custom build the map for your car.

DPF Removal / Delete: We do not fit cheap replacement pipes, only the Supersprint brand (or close equivalent). After fitment of the DPF we will also provide the delete function so no pesky lights on the dashboard.

Air Intake / Induction Kit Fitment: Increases of up to 20 horsepower after the installation of a good quality cold air induction system.

Custom Engine Jobs: From upgraded ignition leads, turbo's and camshafts to full BLOWN race packages. Contact us with your requirements and we will see what we can do.

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