Wheel and tyre fitment

Wheel And Tyre Fitting Service

High end wheel and tyre fitment service. Call: 020 7254 2233

Our london based garage offers a professional alloy wheel balancing and fitting service with advanced alloy wheel machinery. Located in the heart of London, our tuning garage has highly specialist equipment with wheel reverse-fitment adapters to ensure contactless tyre fitment on high end wheels. Only 3 of these exist in the whole of the UK. Our aim is to offer the best possible service at competitive prices.    

We also offer a range of high quality rims and tyres. We can provide brands like AC Schnitzer and Z-Performance with a high quality tyre to match from top manufacturers like Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin, Nexen, Pirelli etc...

Services we provide:

Full setup: Full wheel and tyre set fitment and install including Nitrogen tyre fill.

New rims: Any rim purchased through us has the option of fitment.

New tyres: Tyres ordered through us has the option of fitment.

Colour coded weights: Unique colour rims? No problem. We can colour code the weights to not spoil the appearance of your new rims!

Hidden behind the spoke weights: Thanks to our Hofmann Megaspin 820 wheel balancer, we can evenly distribute weights and hide them behind your wheel spokes with laser precision accuracy.

Nitrogen tyre Fill: Filling your tyres with Nitrogen instead of air means that your tyre pressure will remain at the same pressure more evenly.

Reverse tyre fitment: Some rim designs require reverse tyre fitment. Everyday tyre shops cannot offer this. We can.

Computerised 4 wheel alignment also available.

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We use the latest Hofmann Megaplan Wheel and tyre fitting equipment.


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