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About Bilstein

Bilstein is the platinum standard for quality and suspension technology. They come in a variety of ranges from the super competitive B4 oem shock absorbers to the B16 ride hide and dampening adjustable motorsport kits. All Bilstein suspension is created from top quality materials, using state of the art equipment and motorsport expertise gained from over 50 years of experience. During development every Bilstein product goes through testing in real life conditions on the track, leading to absolute perfection. The current production programme ensures that all coil-over kits are built to give you the Bilstein experience, bringing technology from the track, to the street.

Bilstein Shock Absorbers

Bilstein B3
Oem coil and air springs

Bilstein B4
OEM Shock absorbers

Bilstein B6
Sport Shock Absorbers

Bilstein B8
Shortened Shock Absorbers

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Which Bilstein suspension kit is right for me?

Bilstein B10
Allow you to lower your suspension to 60 mm at the front and 40 mm at the rear, leading to a stunning appearance. The B10 series also offers a major improvement on cornering, safety and most important of all, a Bilstein experience. With the progressive sport springs and the shortened shock absorber which utilises gas-pressure, twin-tube or mono-tube technology, this gives you superior handling setting you aside from the rest.

Bilstein B12 Prokit
The B12 Bilstein series are able to give you the perfect combination of sporty low suspension appearance, precise response and superior handling performance thanks to Bilsteins amazing professional cornering system PCS. The B12's come with Eibach Pro-Kit springs and Mono-tube shock absorbers, you really do get the best of both worlds. Lowering of up to 40 mm front and rear. All B12 coilovers are road tested and fined tuned in Germany in order to give you the ultimate Bilstein racing experience, on the road.

Bilstein B12 Sportline
Same as the Prokit but this kit includes Eibach's progressive Sportline springs, you can lower up to 50mm and it utilises the Professional Cornering System Sport PCSS

Bilstein B14
Is Bilsteins range of height adjustable coilovers that offers a fully adjustable range of 30-50 mm front and rear. All B14 shocks are made from a unique aluminium alloy as well as being coated with triple C technology, making these among the most durable and reliable shocks available on the market.

Bilstein B16
The ultimate coilovers. Fully height AND dampening adjustable, the B16 kits are designed with real racers in mind. Fully adjustable in both height and dampening, with an adjustable height range of 30-50 mm front and rear. You can also take advantage of the 10 parallel dampening preset settings which can take your car from extreme sports mode to ultimate driving comfort. Your suspension can be fine tuned to your exact requirements with ease and precision.

Bilstein B16 Ridecontrol
Same as the standard B16 kit but all adjustment is fully electronic and can be modified by the driver inside the car with the aid of the illuminated controller.

Bilstein Clubsport
The ultimate in coilover technology.The Clubsport coilover package is a fully street legal and TUV certified high-end coilover package that is also designed for serious use motorsport. Engineered to the highest levels, the 2-way adjustment system has an integrate reservoir, minimising weight compared to standard systems which use external reservoirs. Height, dampening, rebound and bump force can all be independently modified with over 100 different settings to shave those all important split seconds off your lap time. Bring racing pedigree to the road, manufactured by the best.

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