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ST Suspensions  There are 926 products.

Fully ride height-adjustable from moderate to eXtreme! Each coilover kit is manufactured by KW, their expertise and quality engineering methods ensures optimum quality and superb driving dynamics.


  • ST X Coilovers
    ST X Coilovers can be easily adjusted using a polyamide ring on the shock absorber. The overall height adjustment is different for each vehicle, but typically you can expect around 35 to 65mm of lowering on both the front and rear. For sports cars which are lowered as standard, like BMW's with M-tech suspension, the ST X coilovers have an adjustment range of 30 to 60mm on the front and 25-55mm on the rear. Designed in conjunction with KW, ST X coilovers improve handling by reducing body roll during turns and also improve agility when driving fast, ideal for changing lanes on the motorway.
  • ST XA Coilovers
    If you want more than only ride height adjustment then the ST XA coilover kit is the one for you. This kit also allows individual adjustment of the damping to suit any of your driving requirements!
  • ST XTA Coilovers
    Money not an object? You want the absolute best performance? Buy the ST XTA coilover kit. The full driving behaviour of your car can be instantly adjusted to be made higher, lower, stiffer or softer depending on your specific driving conditions, motorsport level engineering has gone into the production of these kits. So if you demand the ultimate performance, buy XTA.
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